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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, December 20th, 2007

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A visit to Phred
I went up to Clinton today to see Phred. It was a nice drive. We chatted. He took me round to see his two churches: Wayside and Bono. Bono is where Ernie Pyle grew up. We went exploring, and wound up in Illinois. Lots of good farm ground thereabouts.

Is this sign strictly necessary? Is this sign strictly necessary?
Wayside UMC's pond

Sometimes, violence IS the answer
Monday night, our Cub Pack had its annual Sockball Fight and Pizza Party. The boys make cardboard forts for each Den. Each boy brings a quantity of white socks, which are to be donated to the local thrift store after the event. These are balled up neatly and used as ammo in the melee that follows. After three rounds, we all pigged out on pizza.

Tiger Cubs Fort Tiger Cubs Fort
Harrison readying for combat Harrison readying for combat
Working Up to Cub-level Berserkergang Working Up to Cub-level Berserkergang
Ben strikes a pose Ben strikes a pose
War Zone War Zone

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