December 17th, 2007


It's Monday (sigh)

229.5 *Ugh*

In other news, Phred called to say that the roads are awful up his way, and suggested postponing my trip up to St.-Fallen-by-the-Wayside. So I will stay home and finish the whole wheat bread today, and go see him Thursday.
speed limit

Another day in the bag

The whole wheat bread got baked. It took most of the day, off and on. But all the goodies are done. I've called those who placed orders, and we're beginning to get it into people's hands. I'm beat.

collinsmom has been hobbling around all day. Went to the physical therapist, gots to go to the GP tomorrow. She's got a bad sore on her leg. It worries me. Plus, she's in pain all the time. And she's apparently got two more papers for her last class that she didn't tell me about. Man, this is the semester that won't end.

So, with her so wrapped up in her pain and weirdness, I've been taking on more and more things: housework; pet care; shopping; the list is ever-expanding. The problem is, this is also a super-heavy time for my parish work. The days for me just merge together into one long, rolling deadline.

The Cubs had their Pack meeting tonight, replete with annual sockball fight. They bring socks for the local thrift store. But before they donate them, they build forts out of cardboard and throw the socks at each other. It's a hoot. Maybe I'll get around to putting some pictures up soon.

Tomorrow, I've got a parishioner having a knee replacement. And there's a Council Executive Board meeting tomorrow night.