December 15th, 2007

xmas cats

What Christmas means to me (in pictures)

Yesterday, I took this picture of Cuthbert and our Christmas tree. He was behaving himself -- at least, in this picture. In fact, he's being a pretty good boy, but I know it's hard for him.

Tonight, we had our Progressive Dinner, and all went well. I really enjoyed the event. We ended up at our place for dessert. Folks were wowed by the goodies I whomped up. The Black Forest Cake took two days to complete. The Plum Pudding is labor-intensive, too. Both were well worth it. I have eaten way, way too many carbs today. Oink.

(The Plum Pudding is in the shape of a castle because I have a castle mold. Makes it all so much more Merrie England, don'tcha know.)

Yield not to temptation Yield not to temptation
Cuthbert and Tree
Goodies Goodies
Black Forest Cake (left) and Plum Pudding (right)

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