November 19th, 2007



collinsmom showed me her grocery list. "What's this Scream Cheese? I asked. What she had actually written was 5CREAMCHEESE, meaning 5 pkg cream cheese to make cheesecake with.

In other news, I lost 3 pounds this week. Yay! Down to 226. Lord, keep me from ballooning during the dreaded Eating Season.

Has to be seen to be believed

My nephew Tony got married in Vegas recently (or, finally, depending upon the mood of your verb). When the newlyweds returned to Indy, my sister threw them a reception. I was quite taken by their cake.

I Can Has Wedding Cake?
I Can Has Wedding Cake?
Hello Kitty courted by Godzilla (with a bouquet) -- Tony & Jan's wedding reception


It's all happenin' at the zoo

So, remember, I took my confirmation class (5 of the 6 of them, anyway) to Cincy to do the Skirball Museum at Hebrew-Union College. I'd be glad to post pictures of that very serious and spiritually challenging place, but they don't allow pictures in the museum.

Which leaves our trip to the zoo. That, I've got pictures of. Here are some of the better ones. BTW, the gator chomping Matthew's head is made out of metal -- just in case you were worried.

Polar Bears Polar Bears
Cincinnati Zoo
Matthew and the Gator Matthew and the Gator
Cincinnati Zoo
Los Lobos Los Lobos
Mexican Wolves, Cincinnati Zoo
Confirmation Class Confirmation Class
Cincinnati Zoo

EDIT: Oops! Can't forget the white tiger!

White Tiger White Tiger
Cincinnati Zoo