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The Daily Mustard
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Friday, November 2nd, 2007

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A long day, but a good one
I got up way too early this morning, got my last car fixups done and left town early. Went over to see siege and help him with his car woes. Paid for his tow, picked him up and made arrangements for his heap to get estimates on everything it needs to be roadworthy.

We then repaired to The Trough (a.k.a. Golden Corral) for his birthday feast. The boy turns 32 next week, and he looks a bit weedy. Needed some protein. Then a couple of errands and I returned him to his place.

I got out to Wilderstead about 2:30. I dug a new hole for our old treasure chest, then tried to move it to the new hole. After three years out in the weather, though, various parts began to fail as I attempted the move. As it turns out, I had made a spare back in '04 when I made the one we've been using. So here it is:

Open For Business Open For Business

Click on pic to enlarge.

Did a few other errands, but nothing much. Walked across the creek to the other side of the holler for the first time in months to check out Fuji's grave. Barely a foot from the cairn was a collection of deer bones and a pile of hair (no skin, just hair). Looks like the coyotes we heard last month polished this one off, though there's no telling whether they dispatched it or just scavenged it.

The woods were just lovely. I felt more alive than I've felt in ages just to be out in their midst. I took the wherewithal to stay overnight, but elected to return to E'ville instead. I need a good night's sleep.

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