October 12th, 2007

big hairy deal

Slow News Day

I find it hard to care about Al Gore's Nobel Prize. He can join Rigoberta Menchu for a game of cribbage over at the Phony Pony Bar & Grill, and they can tell each other how important they are. I don't have to hang out with them and the other gasbags the Norwegians seem to favor.

If I'd stopped to actually think about it -- as if the Nobel Peace Prize mattered anymore -- I would have thought the 100th anniversary of the world Scouting movement (2007) would have been a good time to honor the legacy of Baden-Powell, who saw Scouting as a great movement for world peace (it is).

But we are left with Al Gore, instead. Good thing he buys carbon offsets -- he'll need all that Nobel money to clean up his own hot air. Our British friends have him pegged: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2007/10/12/do1202.xml

Taking it easy

I volunteered to go over to the heel of the sock and help siege with his car problems today, but he hasn't replied. He also seems to have gotten some of it taken care of.

So I'm taking my day off slowly. Still not showered and dressed, and here it is 10:30! It's wonderful. After I get myself put together, the day's work is to clean this dump (company's coming Sunday). Sometime this weekend, I've also got to write a new sermon and some other stuff.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring -- either Thresherman Park (2.5 hours South of here) for fresh sorghum or Wilderstead (2.5 hours East of here) for chores in the woods. Or maybe just another day of sleeping in.

It just keeps coming

collinsmom is in the hospital. She went to her doctor today, complaining of chest pains. He sent her by ambulance to the ER. They've ruled out a cardiac situation, and are focusing on something like a blood clot in the lung. She's had an x-ray and is due to get a cat scan tonight. I'm home, temporarily, to feed the animals and myself and check on things before going back to the hospital. For all I know, D. will get home yet tonight, but then, who knows? Anyway, prayers would be appreciated.

There go my plans to clean the house. I'm exhausted already. I did get Kyle and Lauren's wedding gift today, and a couple of other, minor errands run.

In other news, a guy got busted right outside the church this afternoon as I looked on. I had just pulled in from my errands and was going to check out D's situation (our cell phones weren't working together properly, so I could just figure out that she had gone to the doctor). I heard or saw something and turned to look just as a guy came around the back of the church; he decelerated to a fast walk. He hadn't got but halfway down the length of the church when a cop car with lights flashing came screaming down the alley and cut him off. Next thing I knew, the guy was on the ground being cuffed, as another cop came up, panting, from behind the church. Soon that guy's partner drove up. Looks like a drug bust -- the alleged perp had something in his hand that looked like a vial.

Passing the seventh level of weirdness and still rising. Over and out.

UPDATE (10:15 p.m.) Home at last. The verdict:
Heart seems OK -- check with cardio people, take a stress test.
Check with rheumatologist about what the RA may be doing to cause this.
Nodule in lung is 7 mm and probably nothing to worry about, but follow up to make sure it doesn't change over time.
So -- eight hours of hospital today. And neither of us got much else done, nor do we now have the energy for it. *whimper*