October 6th, 2007

in the soup

Iron Chef? More like Lead

Just a cookin' fool, that's me.

Last night was my birthday bash out at Wilderstead. I cooked Eintopf; collinsmom supplied cheesecake. Guests included fellow pastor Curt, Fräulein Führerin and her parents (Kim & Jeanmarie), and siege. After Curt and Nikki's family left, that_guy_zach and yechezkiel showed up to close the joint. I left with Sassy just after 10:30, which got me home around 1:00 a.m.

I got up ridiculously early this morning and got ready to cook some more. Our men's fish fry was today, and I whomped up Irish Bread and Butter Pudding, some merely passable Peach Cobbler, and Hush Puppies (which were the hit of the day). My brain is mush, and my body is rubber.

Next week, I'm cooking pork chops for our Wednesday Bible Study. Sunday the 17th, we're hosting a choir luncheon, and we're going Greek (gyros links on pita with tzatziki sauce, Greek salad, and either or both Tiramisu and Bougatsa.

O taste and see that the Lord is good.