September 16th, 2007

his friend Jesus

Auf Wiederbye-bye

collinsmom was a bit down this afternoon. [So-and-so] de-friended me, she said. I guess I didn't post enough on her LJ. I went to check my LJ profile. [So-and-so] had de-friended me, too -- probably because of political differences. *shrug* So, I told collinsmom that she probably dropped her because she had already dropped me.

I don't groom my friends list very often. I hate to drop anybody, and I'm not real good about adding people unless they show a consistent interest. But I went through and deleted several folks who had de-friended me without my knowing it. Peace be upon them all.

Touring the Left Bank

Political Discourse in Blooming Idiot, IN Political Discourse in Blooming Idiot, IN
You don't have to spend $30K a year to get a degree from IU to know who Czolgozs was -- but maybe you do to admire him.

What's next? Shrines to Marinus van der Lubbe? But then, what else do you do with a history degree from a Big Ten university?