September 15th, 2007

wayside cross

It's a beautiful world out there

I went over to Wilderstead yesterday and stayed overnight. Returned this evening just before dark. Saw deer and turkeys aplenty. Made a campfire (just because). The stars were beautiful (though I went to bed reasonably early and didn't linger to watch them).

Anyway, I got the downstairs paneling done. Finally. Hallelujah. The place is still a tip, what with scraps and tools and basic dirt everywhere; but next time I go out there, the main focus will be cleaning the cabin so it'll be habitable for my birthday party in October.

I even unlimbered the old chainsaw for a few minutes to take care of some limbs that had blown down on the treasure chest path. (Need to dig a new treasure chest hole, too, come to think of it.)

All this, despite having a wretched cold. I was tired and drowsy all day Thursday. Thursday night, I couldn't sleep lying down and had to take the couch. By Friday morning, I was using nasal spray. That's my last ditch effort need, cold-wise, as I try to put it off as long as possible. Back in seminary, I wound up addicted to the stuff, so I'm very wary of it.

Haven't had a cold for a good long time. But after the summer I've put in, I've just been exhausted. So I figure my resistance was way down. Need to take care of myself so I don't have this linger all fall.

In other good news, our son, siege, has been taking some positive steps. I am cautiously encouraged. And Sassy is getting over her problem. She's ravenous. I imagine she'll be built back up in no time.