September 3rd, 2007


I hear the train a-comin'

Today is the last quiet day I'm likely to have for some months. Tomorrow, the Fall Busy Time officially begins. I launch two Bible Studies this week, meetings crowd my calendar, confirmation class needs to start soon, the annual stewardship campaign and the run-up to Charge Conference all start with a bang. We meet this week to plan Advent and Christmas, would you believe it. And then, what with Easter falling the earliest it can, ever, Lent begins ridiculously early. I figure I'll get to take a breath sometime around April Fool's Day.

What all this means is, I've got to stay in control of my days off. Got to budget my energies carefully. Can't just yell, Banzai! and hurl myself at my to-do list. I want there to be some of me left when we get to next spring.

Along the way, there are some significant times of togethering I'm looking forward to. My birthday bash will be at Wilderstead in October. (I'm hoping the paneling will be done by then.) There will also be a family Christmas, as stryck and anher are coming back to Indiana this winter.

Speaking of the femchild unit and her hubby, they are in Cancun this week, right smack in the middle of the track of an oncoming hurricane. What fun. Prayin' for them.

And that's the troof. Nyah.

Years ago, I had a lady huff at me in church, "I don't like the way you preach."

"Oh, why's that?" I replied.

"It all sounds like it's coming off the top of your head," she said.

"Thank you," said I. "You don't know how many hours it takes to make it sound like it's coming off the top of my head."
big hairy deal

Holding steady

I felt bulky this morning, but I still tipped the scales at 222.5. Maybe I need to schedule another major hike to punch it down a bit.