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The Daily Mustard
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Friday, August 24th, 2007

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So there I was, burrowing through the overflowing junk room, trying to sort and pitch and condense. I was working through a whole bunch of old stuff from my parents, winnowing out a boxful of their personal correspondence and clippings. And I came across the remains of a box. It was my grandfather's (Mother's father). It was intended to go to my Uncle Dick after Grandpa's death (and presumably, it did). But with his death, all that stuff wound up with my mother, who put it in a box and probably forgot about it.

And what was it? Well, some decaying old Bibles (without personal memorabilia or notes, so hardly worth keeping). AND a whole bunch of Shirley family photos from before my birth! Not to mention, a BIG collection of Grandpa's poetry.

This is big-time stuff in the family history way. I'm going to have to scan all these old photos. Then, I'll have to get together with my Aunt Clarice, the only one of my mother's siblings remaining, to tell me who the heck most of these people are.

As for the poetry, it probably mostly isn't very good, but it's precious for all that. I can see having to photocopy the whole collection and send copies (along with digital reproductions of the pix) to my two sisters. And I'm sure my Aunt C. would like all this, too. Maybe I can get all this done by Christmas.

Egads and a double zounds.

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