August 23rd, 2007

hound of heaven

Prayer Request Update

I talked to Nikki's mom this afternoon. Nikki is still flat on her back in the hospital with a ventilator in her, but she is improving. They hope to begin weaning her off the vent in a day or so. Her pneumonia was "walking pneumonia," but there may well be a secondary infection that made it hit her so hard, so fast.

Anyway, this semester is shot. Her parents have withdrawn her until second semester. She will be mad as a hornet when she wakes up and finds that out, but there really isn't anything else to do. Classes have already started, and she's probably got another week in the hospital to go. Then, she's going to need extensive rest to prevent a relapse.

And she just moved into her sorority room last Monday before going down like a rock on Thursday.

The good news is, she's probably going to be all right. And more good news: she had a great time working at Philmont, and plans to do it again next summer. :) Meanwhile, your continued prayers are appreciated.