August 22nd, 2007

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Maundering about with clergy matters

Got a CD from the bishop's office yesterday, hyping the Imagine Indiana process. That's the effort to design a combined Indiana Annual Conference from the existing South and North Indiana Conferences. Yawn. I'm sure this matters at some level of faith and practice, but I just can't get excited over it. I only care about two parts of it: what it's going to do to Scouting Ministries, and what it's going to do to clergy benefits.Collapse )
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Too many directions

I've been a good boy and done a ton of work this week. I ought to be able to take a day or so off and relax. But.

I'd like to go up to Lafayette and see how Nikki is doing in the hospital.
Then again, I really need to go out to Wilderstead and bang some nails.
There's only time for one of these, but no money for either.