August 4th, 2007

beats working

Need some cuteness to freshen the air in here

Haven't posted any pix of the critters lately. They've been up to their usual. Cuthbert has begun to want to be outside; however, we live right on a busy highway, so we only let him out when we're in attendance. This frustrates him. Sassafras and I went for a walk at Flatwoods Park yesterday. Their absurd concrete nature trail (you could drive a truck on it, it's so wide) reflected the heat right back at us. We were both drained by the time we finished. Both beasts are healthy and happy these days.

Minty fresh Minty fresh
Cuthbert likes to hang around the bed of mint by the back door.
Aren't I beautiful? Aren't I beautiful?
Sassy, just back from the groomer, freshly bathed and blow-dried (w/Cuthbert in the background)
Six bare feet on the back porch Six bare feet on the back porch
"Okay, I'm ready to go back in now."

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