July 11th, 2007

wayside cross

Burnin' up the roads

Made a trip to Wilderstead yesterday. Dropped off some paneling to be installed in the future. Picked up the ash staves I had curing. They're ready to be made into walking sticks now. Spritzed ten gallons of Roundup on my ever-more-overgrown road.

Then I went to Fairfield, where I met up with that_guy_zach at Bass Pro. Bought myself a titanium spork! (oh yeah, and a new water filter). We went up to Jungle Jim's to shop for exotic goodies (collinsmom couldn't find chervil anywhere in Bloomingidiot). We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings (mediocre at best).

Then I drove home. I'm beat today, but got too much to do to sit around. Gotta get all the paper for the next two weeks pushed so I can go out of town Monday through Saturday next week. Troop 119 is going backpacking at Cumberland Gap! Yay!