June 10th, 2007


More fun than a barrel of Boy Scouts

The annual Scouting Ministries Breakfast at Annual Conference is an eagerly-awaited time in that gathering. Presentation of awards such as the Bishop's Award of Excellence takes place in the plenary following the breakfast.

By their fruits shall ye know them By their fruits shall ye know them
Zach, Phred, Karen, Dean making fruit cups for Scouting Ministries Breakfast
Hamming it up Hamming it up
Phyllis, Jean, and Kim make ham breakfast sandwiches
Karen cuts the cheese Karen cuts the cheese
Well, she's putting out slices at the Scouting Ministries breakfast, anyway
A new set of wheels A new set of wheels
Zach and Beth, young clergy on the move
Bishop's Award of Excellence Bishop's Award of Excellence
Bishop Mike congratulates members of Troop 119, chartered to Ellettsville First UMC