May 29th, 2007


More than the sum of the parts

haikujaguar has a post on whether men can wear fwooshy clothes. Speaking as someone who wears an alb and stole on regular occasions, and who in high school wore a toga to Latin Club parties correctly, and who went trick or treating as a little boy in a Zorro cape, I'm perfectly comfortable with fwoosh.

But it made me think about physical beauty, and the tragedy of so many young girls. As a grown man, it is not usually my place to be talking to teenage girls about what makes for physical beauty, about what turns a man on, etc. I am a "safe" adult male, someone to whom they can talk without worrying about what kind of erotic impression they're making. But that doesn't mean I don't see what everyone else sees.

And what I see is a lot of young girls who are trying to reach maximum Wow-ness by treating their bodies as a collection of parts. They think if they push these out, haul that in, paint their faces thus, pierce this, and wear that knockout whatever they paid so much money for, hey presto! they're beautiful. What they often are is an ill-arranged pile of parts. Boys may react to those parts -- hey, boys can abstract the parts from the whole and drool over anything -- but that doesn't make the girls beautiful.

So here let me share with you the true secret of beauty, the Philosopher's Stone of erotic power -- what makes a woman truly beautiful, what makes men fall at their feet, dumbstruck.

Hush! Is anybody looking? Okay, go ahead.

*Ahem* I am about to tell you the two most important body parts that determine true physical beauty. Since this is too erotic for a family journal, I'll have to place this behind a cut.Collapse )
speed limit

Last post for a while

Leaving in the morning to go to Atlanta for the NAUMS Annual Meeting. Had a frantic day, got all the stuff organized (well as can be) in preparation for my return. I get back Saturday night, then launch immediately into a frenzied Sunday of activities. Sermon's in the bag, though (that's good).

I think I've been having some weird side effects from a new medicine the doctor has me on. So as soon as I get back, I'm going to have to consult with him.

My car's air conditioning is being temperamental, and there's no time to fix it before I leave, so I'm driving the truck down South. Not my favorite ride, and it only gets 2/3 the mileage the car gets. Ouch. Please pray for safe travels and cheap gas.