May 28th, 2007

tuna monsters

No change

Still 226 lb. I had thought that mere dehydration (well, that plus exercise and no snacking) over the last several days would've gained me something. Silly me.
speed limit

"They walk like free men."

My father told me once that when he was stationed overseas during WW 2 (North Africa and Italy), the locals described Americans thusly: "They walk like free men."

In other words, I suppose, no looking over your shoulder, no worrying about who might have heard what you just said, a friendly greeting for everyone, an indifference to class distinctions, boundless optimism . . .

A common version going around at the same time as my father's personal observation compared the English soldiers to American ones. It went, "The English walk down the street as if they owned it; the Americans walk down the street as if they didn't give a damn who owned it."

All people love their country, or should. But there's something special about America. It doesn't make us "better" than the rest of the world; nevertheless, there's a reason why so many people want to come here. It's called freedom: political freedom, religious freedom, economic freedom, freedom even to not give a damn.

Simply put, there is more freedom here than almost anywhere else in the world. We didn't create it. We found it. It's like a goose laying golden eggs. All we have to do is not kill it. And we can continue to "walk like free men."
wile e.

LJ housekeeping

Finally got around to rearranging the galleries in my LJ Scrapbook. I took all of the minor galleries of Venturing outings and made one big gallery, "Venturing Memories, 2005-2006." This makes four big galleries of Venturing pix, rather than the three big ones and four little ones before.

I also consolidated six small galleries of TVUMC pix into one, "Tanner Valley Memories." And then I took five small galleries of EFUMC activities from July through December and made one big one, "EFUMC 2006." Next year, I may consolidate the 2007 EFUMC/Scouting pix into one or two galleries.

Anyway, it's less cluttered to go visit. The pix are at