May 7th, 2007


That's my story, and I'm sticking to it

Sunday, I was able to wear a pair of dress pants I haven't gotten into in almost a year. All last week, I was wearing shorts and khakis I couldn't have fastened last winter. I was feeling great about that. Then I got on the scales this morning.


Shazbat. That's up half a pound from last week! Grumbling all the way, I took my shower and got purtified. Then, just for snorts, I got back on the scales:


So, either I lost a whole pound of dirt and facial hair in those few minutes, or there's something about how you stand on these cussed things that can sway the final result considerably. Whichever it might be, that second reading says I've lost half a pound this week, and that's the one I'm claiming. Phooey on the other reading.

Call it progress. I'll take it any way I can get it.
in the soup

No more room

Cancellations, re-schedulings, and suchlike have caused me to re-figure my summer calendar several times by now. Today, I declared the calendar fixed in place. I took a blue highlighter and marked off all my out-of-town commitments. Then I took a pink highlighter and marked off all the major program stuff I'm responsible for when I'm in town. What everyone else wants from me will have to find room in what's left. Highlights from an already vanishing summer include the following.

May: Taking a week and a half off (including one Sunday) in order to work on my cabin and do chores in the holler. At the end of that time, I go to Chattanooga for 2-3 days to camp while attending the NAUMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta June 1.

June: Annual Conference (four days this week because we have to elect General Conference delegates). Shakedown weekend (Sunday away) to prepare for backpacking trip with Scouts. Nephew's wedding. Youth Mission Trip to Henderson Settlement on the KY-TN border.

July: Cumberland Gap backpacking trek. Order of the Arrow national honchos' meeting, for which they will need some local gofers to help.

August: Friend's wedding. Then taking the better part of two weeks off (including one Sunday) to go hiking in New York, visit friends and eventually hit Virginia Beach to visit stryck.