April 8th, 2007


He is risen!

This joyful Eastertide,
Away with sin and sorrow!
My love, the Crucified,
Has sprung to life this morrow.
Had Christ, who once was slain,
Not burst his three-day prison,
Our faith had been in vain.
But now has Christ arisen, arisen, arisen;
But now has Christ arisen!
-- George R. Woodward

Holy Week Happiness

Well, I'm exhausted but exhilarated. Christ is arisen (and nevertheless, there remaineth a rest for the people of God)! Some pix from Holy Week 2007 are below the cut.Collapse )
I got through the last two days in good order. For clergy (and other, highly involved volunteers), Easter and Christmas are like the playoffs at the end of long seasons. The physical challenge to haul your body through the events, keep your voice intact to sing and preach, keep your affect bright to greet people who are way less tired than you are, as well as the mental challenge of not letting your brain stumble, is enormous.

Everything went well yesterday. The baptisms were fun. I made a monster French Vanilla cake with vanilla icing for the kids in my class. I went to bed before 9:30 p.m. and was asleep by the time collinsmom came upstairs. I woke up before 2:00 a.m., but only managed to sleep fitfully until about 3:00. I figured I might as well get up then.

The Sunrise Service went very well, but was poorly attended. I accompanied myself on the piano, faking my way through Lost and Found's "Dance." People were astounded. "I didn't know that piano had that much life left in it," said one guy. I didn't think I was that good, but I was certainly lively. The couple who did the skit did very well. And they are people who have been needing more of a way to plug in, so I was glad they got to have some leadership.

The big service was full, which was great. The choir did selections from Messiah -- and did them pretty well, I must say. My voice was beginning to dry up and crack partway into the performance, but I thought to myself, "this is the fourth quarter of the championship game -- leave it all on the field," and powered myself through the rest of the selections. The final "Hallelujah Chorus" ends with the tenor doing a really cool harmony. One of our sopranos thought we really nailed that, so I'm happy.

Receiving my confirmation class was a great joy. In fact, the greatest joy and privilege I have in the ministry is preparing young people to make their profession of faith and join the church. Schmoozing some folks during the fellowship time, I said, "Well, the harvest is in, so now I can take a break." It is so stressful to bring a group up to this point, but so absolutely rewarding to take them through it. Hallelujah, indeed.