March 28th, 2007


Return to Wapehani

My search for someplace to conduct an outdoor baptism took me to my old Scout summer camp. I was on staff at Camp Wapehani its last two seasons of operation, 1970 and 1971. The camp is now a city mountain biking park.

I was mostly interested in checking out the condition of the lake. If other factors could be worked out, it would be very suitable for a baptism. And of course, this place is holy ground to me. Very moving it was to wander through the overgrown chapel area. I learned "Fairest Lord Jesus" here, back in the days when I was a Church orphan. I also found this fine specimen of a snake sunning himself on a warm day in early Spring.

I don't know if I'll wind up using the old camp for anything, but it was good to wander the paths a bit, and remember.

Nestled 'neath the oaks and cedars Nestled 'neath the oaks and cedars
Looking across Lake Wiemer to the old waterfront
Ichabod Ichabod
The chapel stands empty and untended; the glory has passed, but memory remains.
Every paradise has a snake in it Every paradise has a snake in it
This serpent tempts no one

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(BTW, "Nestled 'neath the oaks and cedars" is a line from the Camp Wapehani Alma Mater, which we sang every week -- at the Friday night campfire, I believe.)