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The Daily Mustard
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Saturday, February 17th, 2007

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News from a far country
Got a card today from people I didn't know in northern Indiana. Turned out to be parents of a bride. I opened it up and there was a picture of a young couple with info on how to access their wedding website. *Sigh* People don't send invitations anymore, just "Save the Day!" cards.

I mentioned the couple's names to collinsmom. She said, "Who's that?" Showing her the picture, I said, "Well, you would remember him as an 11-year-old Boy Scout in Lynnville."

Yup. Charlie Irvin's gettin' hitched. Well, well. Time to shop for another cast iron skillet.
Why are sleeping cats so photogenic?
Throw Pillow
Throw Pillow
What could be more genteel than a sleeping cat framed by curtains and bookcases?

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