February 5th, 2007

beats working

Monday morning miscellany

The Super Bowl was actually good to watch this year, wasn't it?

We are all in, as far as the new house goes, though far from completely unpacked. Still, collinsmom is ready to go back to Razzberry this evening, and the books are shelved. Sassafras and Cuthbert both like the new house. Much more room.

The weekly weigh-in showed 230 this morning, which is down six pounds from last week! Yay! for me!

I slept in, big-time, this morning. I was so exhausted Saturday night that I couldn't regulate my internal temperature and was shivering in bed. More rested this morning.

Boy Scout Sunday went very well. (This is a biggie around here.) I'll post some pix later. Gotta get back to the grind.