January 27th, 2007

says who

Arme virumque cano and all that

In the Fall of 2001, we were attacked by evil men. I have no qualms about saying so, and I accept no arguments that excuse them in any way. And we woke up to realize that these same men (and their backers) had been actively waging war against us for ten years. They had even said so, in public statements. They had backed up those statements with ever-escalating terrorist attacks: the World Trade Center bombing that largely failed; the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia; the attack on our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; the attack on the USS Cole in Yemeni waters.

It was instantly clear to all sorts of people that we were witnessing the opening struggles of a generational war -- like the Cold War, that started off with the Berlin Wall and the Korean War, and that struggled on into "missile gaps" and spy operations and proxy wars and finally a bidding war that broke the other side, who could not afford to build the weapons we could in order to stay even. But first things first.Collapse )