December 14th, 2006

very angry

Thanks for nothing, LJ

My main computer uses Mozilla for its browser. LJ changed its posting interface a couple days ago, and now, every time I try to post, it tells me that Mozilla has created errors and will be closed by Windows, and when I click on the dialog box, I'm kicked off.

For a while today, it kept doing this in conjunction with a Netscape wizard that kept trying to get me to download some agent or other. Well, I finally disabled that unwanted piece of impertinence. But I still can't post from my main computer. This old, cranky computer uses Internet Explorer for a browser. But it's a pain to use this box to surf the net.
xmas cats

Yeah, I don't get it, either

On the twelfth day of Christmas, aefenglommung sent to me...
Twelve iskandrias drumming
Eleven gens piping
Ten inhims a-leaping
Nine thais dancing
Eight asl_ninjas a-scouting
Seven barbarakelleys a-venturing
Six zilvars a-camping
Five la-a-a-adytiffanyannes
Four goldhands
Three zaimonis
Two games
...and a traditional in a fantasy.
Get your own Twelve Days:
wayside cross

One LAST time (I hope)

Heading east in the morning. Gotta go to Fairfield to pick up a coupla pieces of stovepipe, then off to Wilderstead. It is my hope (please, Lord!) to finish the installation tomorrow, then clean and fire up the wood stove. Also, to clean up the cabin in general. Toward that end, I'll be bringing a vacuum cleaner (aren't generators wonderful?).
in the soup

Plum pudding recipe

Mix* 1 cup each
whole wheat flour,
chopped almonds,
chopped apples,
chopped dried figs,
chopped dried prunes,
chopped dates,
wheat germ,
together with
2 eggs,
2/3 cup milk,
3 cups real butter**,
and 1 teaspoon each
grated orange or lemon peel.

Pack loosely into wide mouth jars within 1 inch of top. Screw top on tight. Boil jars for 3 hours in a canner. Empty immediately into molds and let set hard. Do not pour off liquid in jars, which will quickly be re-absorbed by the pudding (and that's a good thing).***

*This is a goosh-with-your-bare-hands deal. There's no easier way to do it.

**Don't try this with cold butter. Let it warm up and soften first.

***Plum pudding is fairly dry as it is, so you don't want to lose any of the moisture! Dump the whole soggy mass in your mold(s).