December 10th, 2006


Going, going . . . gone!

Well, hit another home run in church today. I talked about being a Church Orphan -- referencing especially my own youth. An amazing number of people told me, one way or another, that I was talking to them, or for them, or about them. And so we continue to work on building together the vocabulary to talk about our ministry together -- as well as starting to see things perk up just because.

Several visitors -- as well as some new folks -- were in church. One couple said they need to talk to me about becoming members; another brand-new couple said they want to talk to me about having their two little girls baptized. Ah, me: God is good. I swear, all you've go to do is stand up and tell the truth and invite people to come home. If you go around picking up strays, soon you'll have a houseful; and the only reason why churches don't grow is that they walk on by all the people who'd like to come in and be loved.

Now, if somebody out yonder would just love my grown-up church orphans (siege, stryck, anher), I'd think that the best Christmas gift I could ever receive.