December 1st, 2006


So long, farewell, auf Wiederseh'n, good night

I have just "left" christianity. After a particularly hate-filled comment aimed at me from some fool or another, I realized that I get no enjoyment from the community. I don't post there; I only stayed to comment (occasionally) -- mostly as an older guide to the newbies who joined up thinking that they might find counsel there.

What they get, of course, is a food fight. And I believe that "God has called us to peace," so I have left.

I don't know where to go from here. methodism is about as bad as christianity (though with less traffic), but I refuse to be run out of my own tradition's community. I looked at ljchristians, but they seem to be mostly on the evangelical side of things, and while I get along fine with those folks, I'm not native to that subculture. Most of the Christian- or Church-oriented communities seem to have particular axes to grind or a particular cast to the membership that doesn't fit me.

Well, I'll think on it a bit.

Meanwhile, this is the first time I've ever left a community. It feels weird, like I gave up on something or should have done something. But I don't know what I could have done, except a formal leave-taking, and that's sooooo drama-queenish.

*shakes dust from feet*
wile e.

Hi, Tech!

Well, I bought a fancy external CD drive that can write burn CDs, DVDs, and everything up to and including "the Voice that breathed o'er Eden." Whoopee.

My stated purpose in so doing was to backup my machine -- especially my Photo Archive, but also all those old documents that contain the sum total of most of my work for the last ten years or so.

As soon as I can be sure that I can retrieve what I've burnt onto the CD in workable form, I think I can start cleaning out a lot of disk space. At least, that's the hope.