November 25th, 2006

big hairy deal


And this morning, my computer is running perfectly. It just purrs and then turns somersaults for me, as if last night never happened. I think my office is haunted, or maybe the Static Klingons are beaming interference in. Must think about this.
by himself

A tale of two kitties

Jasmine wanting to go out Jasmine wanting to go out

Helping Mommy with her homework Helping Mommy with her homework

Thanksgiving Day started off with a trip to Mike & Dorfy's, where their black and white cat, Jasmine, grumped about until someone let her out. The day finished off with collinsmom sitting up in bed, working on her grad school homework on her laptop. Cuthbert volunteered to act as editor/technical advisor/encourager.
junior woodchuck guidebook

From the management

I went to my old e-mail account to check my archives for a friend's address in South Africa. I transferred everything from this account five months ago. I haven't even checked it in two months. But when I went to check it, it had a gazillion new e-mails for me. Even without paying for it, it keeps receiving, though I'm not sure it would let me send.

There were about three or four personal e-mails that I'm sorry I missed at the time. If yours was among them, that may explain why I didn't reply then. Sorry. (The rest was junk, spam, questionable ads, etc.)