November 24th, 2006

wile e.

See! Behold! Look! Lo!

Got up early today and went over to Wilderstead, arriving about 11:30. Got right to work. It was a gorgeous day: a gift from God. Shirt-sleeve weather and sunshine in mid-November. After three and a half hours, I finally got the exterior flue all done.

I had taken all the necessaries to stay overnight and continue in the morning, but with the stuff I came prepared to do all done, I went over to Fairfield to run some errands, then headed for home. I can sleep in my own bed tonight. (Yay!)

My main computer is on the fritz, though, and that's a bummer. It worked fine this morning, too. So I'm entering this on my older computer that's networked to the main machine. collinsmom's troubleshooting was of no avail tonight, so tomorrow, I guess we're tearing apart and seeing what can be done. (O, be joyful.)

But still: God is good, All the time.