October 14th, 2006


Ouch, shiver, and aargh

Well, I'm back from the woods. I finally got out of here around 2 p.m. yesterday, which put me at Wilderstead around 5:00. I got right to work, nailing up the last of the framing around the vent hole, then cutting it out. Man, that's a scary and irreversible step, to cut a big ol' hole in a perfectly good wall!

I put the ladder on the outside and scurried up to the hole to square up the hole. Then I tried putting the wall thimble in. One little corner was being balky. So, as I tried to manipulate it, the feet of the ladder base decided to go somewhere else. The top end skiied down the wall, and I came down with it. I skinned up my knees on the packing crate the ladder was standing on, and finally got pitched off about table-top height to the gravel driveway. Thonked my noggin, but got right up. Dressed my cuts, took some tylenol for my bruises, and called it a day. It was almost 7:00.

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Man the boiling oil

Siege ladder Siege ladder

Zach (aka Siege) installing tee support bracket for flue at Wilderstead

Many thanks to siege for helping me out today at Wilderstead. As you can see, he was at the top of his game.