October 13th, 2006


Gandalf lives

Der Berggeist Der Berggeist

The Swiss postcard kept by Tolkien and marked by him, "Origin of Gandalf"

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I found this postcard by googling "Gandalf" images. I had known of the picture for years. Tolkien picked up this card as a young man hiking in the Alps and kept it. It was cool to find it so easily.

And, I have captured it as a userpic. I now have 39 userpics. What's that about? I'm so obsessive.


Gettin' ready to cruise on down the road toward Wilderstead. This day'll be pretty shot by the time I get there, but I should have the whole of tomorrow. Hope I can get the job done.

Gonna be plenty cold tonight! Taking extra warmies.

Also taking my camera, and hoping for some good autumn shots.