October 12th, 2006

very angry

Kink in weekend plans

Pepboys promised me delivery of my new truck headlamp today, then dropped the ball. They offered me my money back -- but I still NEED the part. And I can't leave town with Jade (our truck) without that light, since I got a warning ticket last time I drove her after dark, and another stop would add up to crap city.

And I NEED to take Jade to Wilderstead, because I need the truck bed to use as a higher platform for the ladder to get to the roof and eaves of the cabin.

So, I can't get out of here tomorrow until noon, I guess. Which puts my arrival at Wilderstead somewhere close to 3:00. I guess I can get some serious work done with the remaining daylight. But if I can't install the headlamp with what tools I've got out there, I can't go into town after it gets dark. Running around Saturday shouldn't be a problem.

*sigh* Whatever happened to customer service?

Meanwhile, this Sunday is Laity Sunday, and my Lay Leader is preaching. There is nothing for me to do, as she says she'll take care of all the other parts of the service, and we already have a Liturgist on hand. That's fine, and I'm happy to be part of the congregation for the day, but if it'd be great to know if that's what's expected. If what they're used to is the pastor taking that as a free day off, I could leave for Wilderstead Saturday and stay over Sunday, and life would get far simpler. But in these early days, it's hard to know what people are expecting.

Tech question

Does anyone know why my LJ feed is showing up on my facebook page doubled? I posted on LJ at 3:47 p.m. today. That post showed up twice on facebook, listed for 3:49 p.m. and 11:47 a.m. or so. A similar problem happened yesterday. Anyone else have this problem?
lindisfarne gospels

What read you , my Lord? Words, words, words

collinsmom came home early this evening. I was still house cleaning. Afterwards, we went out to Arby's, where I told her the source of my bummedness.

She was bummed, too. In her case, she bombed an Inductive Bible Study paper. Just couldn't understand what the professor wanted. So, I've gone over the stuff he wants and tried to explain it to her, since this is my stock in trade. She thinks I'm a better teacher (or at least, a better explainer) than the professor.

And, hey, having helped her with the book, I could probably do a whole sermon series from Amos.

What amazes me is the number of people who see the Bible as a disjointed collection of gnomic texts. The Inductive Bible Study method is trying to teach them how to read each book of the Bible as a whole, and many of them struggle with this approach. I didn't care much for the classes I had thirty years ago, but that was because I already approached the Bible in a literary manner (rather than as a bunch of preaching texts). This is partly due to my training in English, but probably mostly due to the fact that I came to the Bible as a young adult, with no particular devotional experience. I just started reading it for the sense of it.