October 6th, 2006


Those who can do, those who can't . . .

Here's a story for you: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/84658,CST-NWS-slogan05.article

A high school football coach gets suspended a game for posting an inspirational thought over the locker room. He posts a different thought each week. This particular week it was, "Work will set you free," which in the original German (Arbeit macht frei) was the slogan of the Nazi party.

Okay, so it was an honest mistake, and one which the guy apologized for as soon as somebody clued him in. A one-game suspension seems appropriate, and the incident is finished.

But, please: How does an educated adult (who teaches others, for heaven's sake!) NOT know the origin of that phrase?
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A minor vanity

When I was in elementary school, I was carefully taught to spell October's big holiday Hallowe'en -- with an apostrophe for the missing "v." Nobody does this any more, but I continue on as I was taught. For me, that's the "right" way to do it.

Not criticizing anybody else's spelling practice here, just saying whence this quirk of mine arises. You spell it how you want. But I shall continue as I began.

Getting mooned

There's a beautiful Harvest Moon this weekend. Next month will be the Hunters Moon. I love Fall.

* * *

Meanwhile, other plans for this weekend have fallen through. I was too pooped to get out of town for Wilderstead today. I was going to go tomorrow. But we are flat out of money, at least until I get my next mileage reimbursement check. So I'm on a short leash.

Next weekend, I've just got to get over to Wilderstead. I've got a big job a-brewing. I've got to finish setting up the frame for the wall thimble, then cut the access hole in the wall and install the thimble. Can't leave a hole in the wall, so that means it is imperative I install the outside flue. But I can't leave the flue uncapped, so I've got to cut away a bit of the eave to bring the flue up to proper height, at which time I can cap it off and all is well.

So that's cutting a hole in a wall and cutting away the eave, clambering around on a steep barn roof with minimal equipment. It's a two-day job, I reckon, especially if it's just me doing it. I hope and pray that next weekend will be as nice as this one has been. I dread trying to do this job in the rain.

* * *

Speaking of getting mooned, my sister sent me a birthday card. We compete to try to send each other the most tasteless cards we can. Hers showed a guy dropping his pants and mooning the viewer. Inside, it read, "Men are from Mars, but brothers are from Uranus."

Feel the love.
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It's just a phase

Just because I may want to find this factoid again:

Phases of the Moon

There are eight phases of the Moon:
New (dark);
First Quarter;
Last (third) Quarter;

Oh, yeah, and a lunar month is 29.53 days long, so each phase lasts 3.69 days.