September 22nd, 2006



Is it just me, or has LJ been really dead recently? Over half the folks on my flist don't post much, and I get few comments on my posts. Thinking it over, I feel like I'm not commenting much, either.

Slow news day, pix to follow

It's a gloomy day, threatening rain. The Monroe Co. Fall Festival is all over our neighborhood, though, and that's interesting to deal with. All the people freak Sassy out, so I took her for a good, long walk in nearby McCormick's Creek State Park this afternoon.

She loved it: all the interesting smells, sounds, sights. But I swear, that dog could find mud in the desert.

I've been taking pictures lately, and have some good'uns, I think. But I've not got around to downloading them yet. Something to do this weekend, I think.

Meanwhile, gotta write a new sermon tonight.