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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, September 21st, 2006

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In the beginning . . .
Our Wednesday Bible study group is studying Genesis. So I dug out my notes from the last time I did Genesis. Here are some of those notes for your edification.

p. 1

The Book of
is (pick as many as apply) . . .

A) a glorious mess of unpronounceable names and incomprehensible actions.

B) a direct contradiction of what "modern science" teaches about evolution and geology.

C) a late compilation of materials from different authors with very different viewpoints and beliefs about God.

D) a Babylonian creation myth incompletely edited to make it acceptable to Jewish monotheism.

E) irrelevant to the Christian faith.

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First things first . . .
More notes on Genesis

p. 5

Regarding the materials in Genesis . . .

The "Tablets" (Gen. 1:1-37:2) are written in a style which betrays a Mesopotamian orign.

Each "Tablet" (History) was originally recorded on baked clay. Each History typically follows an outline designed for writing on clay:
Story (w/catchphrases)

The traditional material of the "Tablets" was handed down in unknown form to the final author of Genesis (traditionally Moses or someone in his circle).

The Joseph Epic was written (probably on leather) at the time of composition of the whole Pentateuch.

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