September 19th, 2006


Preserving my brilliant wit (or something)

Just dashed off this ditty for a post on a friend's LJ, and I thought it was too good to lose, so I'm posting it here in order to delight and offend as many as possible. The first line is an old canard with me, but the rest of it just came -- by inspiration, I suppose.

Doxology on Methodist Holy Water:
Praise God from whom all coffee flows,
delighting both your tongue and nose,
the more you drink the more it shows
in all your hyperactive throes. Amen.
by himself

And so it goes . . .

I was reading my e-mail on or about twelve noon today, when it simply . . . quit. Wouldn't open the next e-mail. When I tried to reboot, it wouldn't allow me to access Mozilla. Same thing on the other 'puter with IE.

Deciding that all the college students decided to go online at lunch time at once and crashed the system, I went to my office and did some work. Returning home, my box was still down. Called tech support.

My modem was on, but the router wasn't working. We jiggled this, undid that, yada yada. Finally, the techie asked me to plug the modem directly into my box. In trying to do so, I looked down at Ye Olde Power Corde (the one without the light on it), and had a thought.

"I bet that Cuthbert stepped on that sucker and turned it off, and without a light I can't tell it." So I flipped the switch on the power cord, tried to boot up, and -- VOILA -- internet.

I told this to the techie and I could hear his supervisor laughing in the background.
hound of heaven

It shouldn't happen to a dog?

The neighbors have a new puppy. Dark brown, houndish-looking, good size -- I'd guess a chocolate Lab. They have ensconced the pup in a cage with food and water in their back yard, where it howls and cries.

I suppose their reasoning is akin to those who say one shouldn't respond to a baby when it cries. They're trying to get it used to being an outdoor dog.

Sassafras was intrigued when we took our walk this afternoon. She was downright bothered this evening. This crying puppy grabs her attention. She doesn't bark back, she just wants to go check it out.

I'm not condemning their practice; after all, it may be a strictly outdoor dog. I just know that my Pink Puppy Princess was never treated that way. Nor my Feline Foundling, either.