September 6th, 2006


Just sayin' . . .

So the Prez is finally transferring some fourteen of the most dangerous terrorists from CIA custoday to the DOD and asking Congress to pass legislation under which we will try them in military tribunals. I suppose by the time we resolve this issue, we'll all be so tired of the squawking and lawyering that we won't care what happens to them any more so long as we can quit hearing about it. That would be a shame.

If it were up to me, I'd be building a gallows with fourteen ropes on an aircraft carrier. Following a one-day trial, any of them found to have had anything to do with terrorist attacks on the US would be hanged in broad daylight in front of the whole fleet -- in absolute silence. After all were pronounced dead, I'd put weighted shackles on the feet of their miserable carcasses and throw them over the side so that not one hair nor nail paring ever made it back home to be memorialized.

'Nuff said.