September 3rd, 2006

hound of heaven

Nevertheless, there remaineth a rest for the people of God

. . . and the preacher, too.

What a day. Got up early and got ready for church. Met that_guy_zach at the church>; he had come to pet-sit for us. collinsmom skipped church to go up for the family visitation before her mom's funeral.

Had a great eucharistic service, grabbed a brownie, took that_guy_zach to the house and showed him the ropes, then headed for Lafayette. Got there, consulted with everybody else involved in planning and executing the funeral. Schmoozed some people.

Funeral went great. Brother-in-law Dan handled the committal, Anglican-style. Then it was off to the church for more visiting. And food. Dan had gotten the United Methodist Women of the close-at-hand UMC to provide dinner in return for a freewill offering, largely by dropping my name -- or at least, my position: "My brother-in-law is a United Methodist pastor," etc. (Must write thank-you to these ladies!)

Drove home. Was distracted most of the way by my having left my camera in Lafayette, and collinsmom not having her cell phone turned on or otherwise available to confirm her snatching it up (which she had).

Got home and took that_guy_zach out to eat at Lennie's, the local micro-pub. I am so very fortunate to have such a friend. The disparity in our ages is a little odd, but we enjoy each other's company and all is cool. At one time, I suppose, he looked at me as a father-figure, and he was (to me) something of a son. Nowadays, we're just big and little brothers to each other.

I'm exhausted, my voice is almost shot from my cold (and the decongestant spray I've been using), and I'm heading for bed. Oh, for the rest of the righteous!