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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

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We know our, er, stuff
I got a request for outhouse pictures. Seems brotherskeeper1 doesn't think there are any outhouses out there any more. Well, we collect privy pix around here. So: click on each thumbnail to enjoy!Collapse )
Very tired, bored, lonely, etc. right now.

collinsmom is away at school, I'm new in town, and LJ seems dead. Guess I'll go read a(nother) book.
By request
I was asked for some nature poetry. This is not fluffy, gauzy stuff; more seasonal in tone. But I like it.

Late Summer

I, dusty and bedraggled as I am,
Pestered with wasps and weeds and making jam,
Blowzy and stale, my welcome long outstayed,
Proved false in every promise that I made,
At my beginning, I believed, like you,
Something would come of all my green and blue.
Mortals remember, looking on the thing
I am, that I, even I, was once a spring.

-- C.S. Lewis

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