July 30th, 2006

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A word about politics and religion

Just read a news item about the pastor of an evangelical mega-church who has generated some controversy by saying that George Bush/ the Republican Party/ the conservative agenda ≠ evangelical religion.

Gee, I knew that.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am a conservative Republican; always have been. But the fact that I am also an orthodox/ evangelical/ conservative/ traditionalist Christian is neither derived from my politics, nor is my political allegiance derived from my religion. BOTH allegiances/ identities are derived from the same rational soul seeking to love God and neighbor effectively.

I understand that there are plenty of people who agree with me politically who don't agree with me religiously. Likewise, there are plenty of fellow believers who don't vote the way I do.

A wise man once said, "The Church can be co-belligerents with anybody, but the Church has no natural allies." Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and the Church occasionally finds herself in strange company; likewise, it is sometimes the duty of the Church to rebuke those who presume to take her support for granted.

We are citizens of two kingdoms at once. And while the choices we make for worldly governance are shot through with moral issues, sometimes where you pray doesn't matter to how and where you get the sewer built. Likewise, there are moral issues -- even in practical politics -- that are so blindingly important that we ought to unite around them, instead of dividing up into predictable "sides." Why is this so hard for so many folks -- on both Left and Right -- to understand?
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Settling in

Campbell's Park Campbell's Park

Sassafras and Deanne Sassafras and Deanne

A couple more pix of life in our new place. The first pic is of a little stream that borders Campbell's Park, a playground just a block from our house. The stream flows into Jack's Defeat Creek. Sassy likes to walk through this park.

The second pic is of Sassy and collinsmom lounging in our newly-put-away living room. Everybody appreciates the room to relax. As more and more books get put away, life begins to return to what passes for normal. But there's still a long way to go.

My two cents

Amid all the anguish and finger-pointing re: the Middle East these days, I suppose we all ought to pause for a moment of breath and say, "But of course!" Many of us saw this coming, predicted this, even. We hoped that it wouldn't all hit the fan, but the elements were obvious.

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