July 28th, 2006


Grump grump grump

Took my day off and went back to L'burg today. Got some banking done (we've GOT to get established at a bank over here this week!). Picked up some Roundup and headed for Wilderstead, where I started by spraying the overgrown parts of my drive.

I had two big projects I needed to push along at the cabin, and got frustrated by both. I was going to take down the roll-door that is superfluous now that we have French doors on the front; however, none of the socket wrenches and drivers in my toolkit would fit the hex bolts. So I measured the little beggars and next time I go back I've got to bring along some hex drivers and then, finally, I can get that thing disassembled.

Next, I was going to assemble the stovepipe for the wood burner, just to see how it all went together and how it lined up. Then I was going to measure and mark where the hole in the wall would go. Well, it turns out that I'm missing the most important piece: the Wall Thimble, which is the casing that encloses that hole in the wall and conducts the pipe through it. I knew I needed one, and thought I had ordered it. I'll have to check my invoice and see if I paid for one. More hassles and delays in getting this project done. But at least now I know what I need to bring next time I go over to get stuff done.

I went prepared to stay overnight, but in my frustrated condition, I decided to put and return home. I had dinner at Skyline with that_guy_zach, whose 23rd birthday is tomorrow. Then I made like road apples and hit the trail.

Driving home, I was almost to Bloomington when a State Policeman pulled me over to tell me my truck had a headlight out. I feined innocent surprise, then prayed like mad while he checked out my registration. He gave me a warning and told me to get it fixed (Thank you, Lord!).