July 1st, 2006


Here we go

Well, we are leaving shortly for Yonder -- or at least for a Conference campground a bit south of there. We will stay overnight in a retreat center, get up early, and burst upon the scene. Prayers for our first Sunday at Yonder UMC would be greatly appreciated.

Our son, siege, got himself a PO Box and a storage bin today -- the first steps toward finding himself a place to live. If he winds up wandering from place to place for a while, at least he's got somewhere mail can catch up to him and a stash for his stuff. Prayers for him would also be appreciated.

As it stands now, I may be bopping back and forth for the next two or three weeks until our mover can finally gather up our junk and haul it from Hither to Yon. In addition to being a wearying prospect, Sassy and Cuthbert (especially Sassy) are not handling the unsettledness of all this well. Sassy tries to hide from all the boxes and hang out with her people as much as she can. So, prayers for the pets as well, please!

Ah, the voice of the turtledove! (collinsmom saying, "I'm ready"). Must go.