June 21st, 2006

compass rose

Home again, home again, jiggety jog

We made it home safe and sound from Tanzania an hour ago. siege was making supper for us. Much cuddling of Cuthbert and Sassy ensued. I have showered now, and laundry is in the offing. Tomorrow has been designated a goof-off day, and then comes the Great Rush.

We ate at a pub in the Tower Hill section of London last night; it was excellent. Heathrow closes down completely at night, though, so we were reduced to camping out in a not-very-comfortable lounge all night. Long flights, luggage snafus (now all taken care of), and finally a long drive home, and we are here.

I'll post something (with pictures) in a day or so, but right now, just want to thank y'all for your prayers.

Bwana asafiwe!