June 6th, 2006


Claiming the promise

As we rush around and get down to last-minute prep for our trip tomorrow, this verse comes to mind:
"Thou wilt keep his mind in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee."

May it be so.
compass rose

Almost there

We're all putting around, getting our stuff packed and ready for tomorrow. siege has his driver's test in the morning to get his license back; then he has to go find some insurance. His employment counselor came by this evening; she and his case worker are forming a safety net for him. (I am very glad.)

I took him out for about 45 minutes to let him get used to driving Jade (the truck). He was pooh-poohing the idea that he needed practice, until I asked how confident he was at parallel parking a pickup truck. That he'd allow as how maybe he needed some practice on. (He did.) But it's all coming together.

Cuthbert's eye is slowly improving. I got all my shopping and running around done today. Ready or not, Africa, here we come.