May 31st, 2006


In which some progress is made

I got a few boxes packed today and some other stuff. Finally got in to see the dermatologist RE: this damned rash. He gave me a massive cortisone injection and some good advice. I hope to be free of the crud before going to Africa next week.

My new DS finally called, but only to leave a message. There is a house in the offing. Which means, even if I don't have time to go over there and do anything about it before leaving for Africa, I can at least tell the mover where to dump my stuff.

We plan on using the church address or a PO box as our new address, so I don't have to change it again after moving into the refurbished parsonage when it becomes available.

Yet another crew baby

Rumor has it (vector: Phred) that Kati (a.k.a. Blendall) gave birth to a baby girl on May 23. Name: Mary Josephine. Kati is a two-time Philmont veteran, having trekked with Explorer Post 697 (the predecessor of Venture Crew 699) in '97 and '98.

Congratulations to Kati and to new daddy Preston.