May 30th, 2006


A post about mostly nothing

Well, I got my butt drilled today. All is well, apparently, though one tiny polyp was discovered and removed for analysis. On the way home, some stupid cop waved us over (that_guy_zach was driving) and ticketed me for not wearing a seat belt. Hey, I was barely coherent, just out of the hospital. What a ****.

Later, That Guy Zach and I went out for fish and chips and cruised a local bookstore, but (alas!) I found nothing worth buying. I spent the rest of the afternoon taking a nap with the pets.

Visas haven't arrived as promised, but I figure Memorial Day probably screwed that up. I'll wait till tomorrow afternoon before I start panicking. DS hasn't called yet, either. I figure I'll have to chase him down this evening and chew on him for a while.