May 17th, 2006

compass rose


One week from today, I head off for the NAUMS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. I'm praying that collinsmom's passport arrives before then, so I can get all four visas at the Tanzanian embassy on this trip.

Three weeks from today, we fly out of Indy for Africa. Everything is ready except for some overnight accommodations at two points in our trip, and I'm waiting to hear from my friend Umba if he's got those nailed down.

Five weeks from today, we return from Africa.

Six weeks from tomorrow, the movers are scheduled to arrive. The DS says he'll get our living arrangements finalized by next week, so we can tell the movers where we're going. (That'd be nice, don't you think?)

No wonder I've got hives from stress.
speed limit

I feel virtuous

I e-mailed both my Senators and my U.S. Representative this morning on the subject of Net Neutrality and my opposition to the new communications act making its way through Congress.

Go ye and do likewise.