May 1st, 2006


Horse chestnuts!

The buckeyes are in bloom around here. I've noticed that many of the trees that have the showiest blooms turn all shy and nondescript during high summer. One rarely notices a horse chestnut after its flowers have gone. Redbuds and dogwoods are much the same in that regard. Anyway, this particular tree stands in the corner of the last yard on our street, right by the parking lot of the park. Sassy and I pass it on our walks all the time. Enjoy.

Horse chestnut (buckeye) in bloom Horse chestnut (buckeye) in bloom


Ruminations on the Self

Something in the air? the water? the time of year? I dunno, but several of my LJ friends are undergoing great Angst right now, changing their LJ usernames, going "friends-only," or otherwise re-inventing themselves. Maybe it's because I'm a relative newcomer to LJ that I don't feel this tug. But then, I was pretty much a finished product when I signed on -- maybe it's just that I'm older, and I've been through various crises of identity before, and am comfortable with who I am nowadays. I dunno, but it's still odd and unsettling.

Of course, I'm sure it's more unsettling to be one of those with the itch to change. That's uncomfortable, for sure. But it can also be highly productive, if one is open to whatever God might bring into one's life.

I'm going through a big change too, or will be soon. I wonder how that'll affect my LJ. Should I tell people up front I have a weblog, and let them "check me out?" Or should I play it cool, and only tell the people who might groove on it? I haven't exactly hidden my LJ activity from my current appointment, but they knew me pretty thoroughly before I started, and so have been largely uninterested in my posts. It might be different with a new congregation full of computer-literate people wondering what the new preacher's opinions are. I'll have to think about it.

But I know who I am, and what my call is. If somebody finds something I've written on theology or church, I'm ready to own up to it, even if they disagree with me. And I haven't posted anything too off the wall on-line, so even if I'd prefer to make my first impression face-to-face, I wouldn't really disown anything I've said here. So, I guess I'll just stick to being me, and hope that I am well received where I am going. It's too late to worry over trying to be someone else. For better or for worse, this is who I've turned out to be.
beats working

Big Red

I've trimmed this bush back, even tried to chop the whole silly thing out, and it has come back every time. At the end of eight years, I concede defeat. All hail the victorious and beautiful azalea that grows by our back porch!