April 27th, 2006

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I went out to Wilderstead today. I finished mending the last corner of the fencing. Then I unlimbered my chain saw and cleared some dead limbs that were blocking creek and path.

We have lots of Indian turnips in the holler. That's Jack-in-the-pulpits to some of you. They have the hottest roots of anything you've ever eaten. That's because their heat is not due to the resin in peppers; tiny needles of calcium oxylate pierce your lips, tongue, and gums, and burn like the devil. Nor does eating or drinking anything help; the crystals must simply dissolve. I also photographed a beautiful dogwood on the upper slopes of Woods Ridge.

Add to that what C.S. Lewis would call a "soaking machine" -- a place to sit and fully absorb the atmosphere of a place. I believe that every boy needs a place to go that is his own place: a place of the spirit where he can go to play at first; later it will be where he goes to pray as well. I have that again now at Wilderstead.
Indian Turnip Indian Turnip
Also known as Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Just beginning to open up.
Dogwood Dogwood
It's the end of April, late for dogwoods, but caught this one shining in the sun this afternoon.
Thinking spot Thinking spot
A natural seat, ideal for contemplation, overhangs Pishon Creek.
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welsh dragon

Mount Badon

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I thought of this poem today because of that line, "All lies in a passion of patience -- my lord's rule." So it is with us these days. The future rushes at us, but that doesn't mean we have to panic and bolt at things. Each day is spent in just that way which will help us reach our goal, and God makes our efforts count.

Soli deo gloria.