April 16th, 2006

saxon cross

The Lord is risen indeed. Alelluia.

Well, another Easter Sunday well and truly launched. The Sunrise Service went well. that_guy_zach was premiering his new cassock (made by Mom), and led us through a prayerbook service. I played organ for the service, since our usual accompanist was attending the Lutheran Sunrise Service with her husband. (I was wearing my new suit, and looked the snazz.)

Breakfast followed. Delicious, and fun. Those with large housefuls to entertain tend to come to the Sunrise Service and miss the main one. A few attend both. Those lingering between breakfast and Sunday School got to chit-chat, drink coffee, just hang out.

Sunday School was neat. My class rehearsed the confirmation service. I should have taken their pictures, but I was barely up to scratch today. Too much happenin' lately. Toward the end of the SS hour, as I was putting on my robe and heading into choir practice, I made some crack about all the juggling bears we had today (children's lesson + anthem + full-dress sermon + receiving new members + communion + all the usual prayers and hymns), and somebody asked how long the service would run. I said "59 minutes." (I have a reputation to uphold.)

Worship was wonderful. We were crammed full. I'd guess about 180 or so in attendance? Lots of visitors, including new families checking us out. siege made it to church. I preached stryck's favorite Easter sermon. Baptized on profession of faith today were Casey, Jessica, and Synclaire; confirmed in the faith was Justin. These four then served communion under the supervision of Zach and me. The accompanist hadn't been told we were having communion and didn't come prepared to play, so I just started singing old, familiar hymns during the serving as people came forward. It went well. As we were singing the last song, choir member Bill R. looked at his watch. It read 10:59:08. "He pulled it off," he said. (Am I good or what? Hah!)

Afterwards, lots of hugs and fellowship as the church slowly emptied. A wonderful day. God is good, all the time.